Questions about F-Secure FREEDOME

simon_e_hall Posts: 1 New Member

I was recently directed by my company to purcahse F-Secure FREEDOME as it is their approved VPN, which I could claim back the cost of.


I went direct to the F-Secure website and went for the 3 devices for a £39.99 one time payment.  When I submitted the claim to my company, I was told I was only allowed to claim for £29.99 (for one device) and they directed me to a third party website (  Now this has a few alarm bells ringing in my head, so here are my questions:


1) Is there a £29.99 option available direct from F-Secure?


2) I have real concerns going through a third party website when I could go direct to F-Secure, what are your views on this?


3) Having recently been abroad with the company I know full well that people take more than one device with them, having used the product I take it the code given to you and server will detect if you keep swapping it between multiple devices and block it?


My biggest worry is people will find out they will be out of pocket and just not purchase a VPN.


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