Add protection against ransomware

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There is  real need for F-secure to include anti ransomwear protection into it's products.

F-secure is certainly aware of the growing size of the problem, so why no protection?



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    F-Secure's DeepGuard will protect you against Ransomwares and all kind of zero-day/unknown threats!


    so this kind of protection/feauter already exists in F-Secure Products

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    Hello, But do you mean some of certain platforms (maybe)? Because mainly (also as it was with previous reply - DeepGuard have some "tweaks" as direct protection against ransomwares) on current time F-Secure protection design about ransomware is "protection as protection against any of other malicious/harmful threats". There meanings: that multi-layer protection should work also against ransomware (if it known source - Blocking certain URLs, if it known sample - blocking certain file; if it unknown - DeepGuard may be helpful); Also it should be as additional points to proper usage of system design (where also available some security settings, which time to time prevent a lot of potential attacks); But - of course - it possible that F-Secure do not detect some of certain files (it can be too much high-quality example; or it can be just fresh one and some of users will be not protected, but as result many of other users briefly get the proper protection; or malicious file can to use just valid (for system and other meanings) techniques to use their malicious actions). And maybe because it or not - but anyway - today was announced under the F-Secure pages that at least for Business solutions and Mac-platform there will be so called "F-Secure XFENCE" -> - which maybe partly covered your feature-request meanings. And if yes - I think - that if it will be possible: such "advanced" technologies/meanings will be work and for other solutions too. Sorry for my long reply. Smiley Sad
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    Thank you for your reply.


    Ron Peake