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Hello my dear sirs, a nuisance has fallen upon us. I have two Samsung Galaxy S6 phones, both with Android 6.0.1. My Lenovo Yoga tablet also has 6.0.1. In both Samsungs, when you go to Settings -> Battery, it shows that Freedome takes 75% of the battery. In the tablet, it's 2% ! The tablet's battery is 9300mAh and the phone 2550mAh. This is quite a new situation, what could be the cause (or is it normal) and has there been anything in the latest updates for Freedome that would explain this?


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    Hi Flamey,


    In the Samsung/Lenovo devices, is it using the data connection or Wi-Fi connection for connecting to the internet? Sometimes, with 3G/4G usage, the battery consumption is also relatively higher, especially when the signal is low.


    Also, is App Security in Freedome on for both Wi-Fi and data networks? It is also advised to put the Application Security setting to Wi-Fi mode only. 


    It might be the case that the battery meter attributes all the network related battery use to our application, as the application takes over all the network traffic on the device.

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    Very good advice!

    And one more.

    You can save phones battery by closing phone, electric power off. Is it possible, when you sleep, phone does the same. If you need not to be available 24/7. 

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