a bug or technical issue in Browser Protection?

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i have F-Secure Internet Security latest update.


i just noticed that this url ( vxheaven.org/ ) will block by F-Secure in Microsoft Edge Browser, but it will not Block in Mozilla Firefox, and something strange is that when i search in Google ( in MOzilla ) F-Secure will show X icon side of this website which means it is not safe, so how in Mozilla this website will not block? i even tried reinstalling extensions :-?

hmmm you guys test too, if it's a confirmed problem we need to report this to Tech Supports :-?


EDIT: Removed malicious hyperlink


  • Laksh
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    Hi Parham,


    Does the same website show the block page, if you tried to open it via the google search result? Is it not blocking only when you directly open the webpage address?


    Is the Browsing Protection extension enabled in Mozilla? We were not able to reproduce the issue as it showed the block page in Mozilla for this website.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Alright, thanks for keeping me posted, @Parham!

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