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I posted my topic in the wrong forum so  i will send it here again

first, i have to say I'm form Iran and IDK eng well:/
I  apologize for my eng mistakes  :)
there is one issue when u are scanning one file or one drive, u cant scan another file u need to wait for this one finish and after that start another scan!
in same time only one folder or one file can be scan
i mean if i wanna scan drive E and D with right click i cant! i need to wait for one of them finish after that start another scan
when i run a full scan and fs is scanning my harddrive if fs find smth I cant see what is that file! there is no detail option while fs scanning my harddrive
i need to wait fs finish his job
i mean if i wana see fs detect what, i need to wait for scan to finish but in other antiviruses u can do it just press details and it show u what file detected as dangerous during the scan

1-there is no boot -time scan option
2-there is no advanced options, users like me want to have more options( like in avast antivirus for example)there is nothing to change! everything decides by fs but user like to config security package by urself

The deep guard is okay.i test it with some samples( disable real-time protection) and it worked fine, its like Avg behavioral detection or others
but when dg block an application don't give a reason about why it blocked?
in avg when behavior shield block an application give u description also u can search google or avg website for that detection
but here fs just show u application blocked( for what? why? users need descriptions)

in parental controls --->content blocker
when i turn it on i can't check or uncheck contents which i want to block or allow!
here photo:
also the adult content is checked by default but still, i can reach sex.com izi!
and fs won't try to block it!
fs can't update itself automatically! i just pressed check for updates and fs start updating
also there is no option in common settings to set automatic updates for F-Secure :)
thnx for reading

i can see when I'm running a full scan, the system is so slow( 4 gig ram core i3 cpu) and i can't browse the web fast( like now)
the good thing with fs( beauty interface which is important for everyone, less buggy than others, good detection, aggressive web shield also fast and light )

the bad thing(fs protection using win firewall which I don't like it, I prefer to use strong firewalls(like avast or Kaspersky firewall)not win firewall(it's broken), very simple settings and not advanced settings, i don't feel safe when I'm using F-Secure,i need to optimize settings but i can't , don't provide high-security package, good for basic users )


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