APK loaded ok, but app won't start on Amazon Fire stick

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I purchased Freedome VPN service yesterday; I was able to load the apk onto my Fire stick successfully, and I applied my license without problem, but when I try to start the app, it says it is connecting...then returns back to Protection Off.  If I try to start the layers individually, App Security will turn on, but everything else fails.  Well, not exactly.   Tracking Protection and Browsing Protection say they aren't in use because Connection Protection is turned off.  When I try to turn on Connection Protection, it turns on momentarily, but then goes back to turned off.  It appears that Connection Protection is failing, thereby causing the one-click option to also fail.


Is Fire Stick not supported?  Adding a VPN to my Amazon Fire Stick is the main reason I even purchased the VPN service.  If this isn't going to work, I will need to look for another VPN provider that does and cancel service with your company.  I know I saw information stating that Freedome is supported on Fire products, but now it looks like it excludes the fire stick.  Please advise.


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    altonb1 Posts: 3 New Member

    Nevermind.  I just requested a cancelation & refund.  This product is not going to meet my needs.

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