F-Secure takes to many resources!

I have F-Secure Internet Security. I started a scan and a while later i wondered why my PC is hot (85 degrees) and slow. I started the Task-Manager and saw that F-Secure is taking 90% of the Speed of my CPU and 100% speed of my Hard Drive. What can i do that F-Secure only take less than 90% speed of the CPU. (Intel ®Core™i5-5200)  The Scan can take the speed of my Hard Drive because it needs to read the files, but no programm (but Games Smiley Very Happy)takes more than 90% of my CPU.


in short: How i can make that F-Secure take less of my ressourses 


(Sorry for my english i am German)



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    i think you need to contact with Tech Support. Remote connection could be usefull.


    in my system, F-Secure memory usage is less than 100MB, and CPU usage also 1%
    your hardware also is good and should not feel any slowdown with F-Secure, that's why i think you may be infected and F-Secure somehow is fighting it is not relax in your system Smiley Very Happy you need to contact with Support!

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    Hi  @Tomatenmark


    If you haven't contacted support yet, I can recommend trying to reinstall F-Secure. We do see this problem sometimes, and in most case that will solve the issue.

    If reinstallation doesn't fix the issue, then please contact support, so we can gather logs from your computer, and locate the error.

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