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Why, after it do a hard reset (holding down Home and Power simultaneously until the Apple logo reappear so) on my 3rd Generation iPad under iOS 9.3.5 does it take so long to open up a VPN connection?


I have tried changing server country and it makes no difference, it just takes an  absolute age for a connection to be re-established.


Any ideas why or, even better, aany ideas as to how to speed up the connection prospects after a hard reset?


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    Hi iBozz,


    Do you see any error message when the connection does not get established? Not sure if this might help, but could you try the steps in this article and see if it works?

  • iBozz
    iBozz Posts: 5 New Member

    Thanks, Laksh.


    I do get an error message sometimes but, to be honest, I can't remeber what they are - it seems to differ.  I know that once it said that it needed to install another VPN profile (or someusch) and it has also reported that it can't establish a connection. 


    I will go through the uninstall/reinstall steps in your linked article, but probably not for the next 24 hours, and report back when I can conform whether it did ir did not solve the problem.

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