Feature Request: offline Backup, or online cloud backup in products

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Hi F-Secure.

i think that would be a great feature to add, just like what Norton have ( cloud backup i think it's size was 25 GB limited ) or another similiar products, Dr.Web also offering such feature but offline and unlimited.

in case if your customers infected with Ransomwares, they can bring back their files easly by just click on Recover Backup Archive... most of externak Backup softwares are not usable and easy , in fact no one will use them but very very few users, but if their own Anti-Virus have such a usefull option, they can easly provide backup of their important files in F-Secure cloud or offline in a secure/encrypted folder created by own F-Secure in their system, this feature ( we call it Data Loss Protection ) along side by DeepGuard could be a very great combain i hope you consider this request Smiley Wink

Best Regards,


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  • ParhamParham Posts: 109 Enthusiast

    why my this request Discarded?

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Parham,


    I see that this idea is similar to the post here. As mentioned in the post, we had the personal cloud storage product called Younited but it is already shut down on October 1, 2015; hence I changed the status of this post. Taking an excerpt from the article mentioned in the post, 'We are refocusing our product portfolio, and younited by F-Secure will not be developed further.'

  • ParhamParham Posts: 109 Enthusiast

    Hi Laksh.

    Thanks for the information.

    about "product portfolio" , we are not talking about bringing back younited... , why F-Secure think a feature like backup in F-Secure Products is not a good idea and will not help to product portfolio? what is the goal of product portfolio? marketing only? no i don't think so, you are thinking about your customers' security, so Backup feature as a tool in your Products, won't help you to reach that goal?

    own Mikko Hyponnen, a lot of  times mentioned that Backup! and Backup from your Backup! so just imagine how it helps if your Customers have this feature in their tools tab in your F-Secure Products?


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