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I am not an expert computer user and I have recently bought a new laptop. I need to upload my F-secure safe software to it but I can't get onto the website because it doesn't recognise my password. I then followed the procedure for resetting my password and was promised an email that would guide me. Despite doing this several times I have not received an email from F-secure. I can't find a contact phone number either and I'm getting very frustrated. Does anyone have any idea how to get them to support me? Thank you.



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    Hi Peter,


    For account related issues, you will need to raise a Support Ticket outlining your problem, and they should get back to you.  I don't think they work weekends, so you may not get a response until Monday.  


    In the meantime, it may be an idea to check your email spam folder, in case the password reminders have ended up in there, which can sometimes be the case.

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    Support Ticket is not available as a Contact option in F-Secure website.


    there are two ways to reach the support: Phone or LiveChat, if you need to be in touch in email with Support. explain your issue/concern to Support kindly and they will give you a support number and provide an email conversation for you if needed of cours.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi @Parham


    Can you confirm if you have been in contact with Support? Otherwise I will escalate this request to the support team, so we can find your subscription.

  • Parham
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    Hi dear @TinaL


    you are talking about me? i am not the starter...

    yes i was in touch with support several times so far by the way! Smiley Very Happy

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi @Parham sorry, hit the wrong reply button Smiley Very Happy


    @Peter263 Can you confirm if you got the support you needed? :)

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