Slow internet speed using PC version of VPN

My internet connection speed whilst using the VPN on a Windows 8.1 PC has dramatically slowed down in the last day. Internet access using Freedome is now almost impossible.

I have used IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS but no improvement given. Freedome works OK on my IPAD and Android smartphone it is only the PC version I have a problem with.It does not matter which virtual location I try to connect to.

Any suggestions? 


  • Laksh
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    Hi dawson1956,


    Is there any certain time period when it happens?  Could you try to use some other network to connect and see if this changes the speed with Freedome on? Also, do you have BitTorrent running on your device when Freedome is on? 

  • MrC
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    I am having exactly the same problem with Freedome on Windows 10 (64-bit).

    Freedome has been fine on the PC until the last few days but now the internet speed slows dramatically. Pages usually time out when refreshed.

    Turning off Freedome solves the problem.


    Freedome is also running on my iPad and Android phone and they are both unaffected. Speed is normal with Freedome enabled.

  • lytab5
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    Exactly the same issue for me. Since yesterday.
    It's currently not possible to use Freedome on my laptop with Win 10.

  • Bit torrent not installed. It happens all the time to the point where I cannot get internet access whilst Freedome is on via the PC.

    My Android smartphone and IPad work OK.

    I have re-installed Freedome and hwereas it worked immediately after installation it does not appear to do so after a restarting the computer.

  • revolver
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    same problem here. After The last windows 10 update.
    Tried everything, uninstall it, reinstall it. Nothing has changed.
    When I turn off the app, everything is okay, but if I turn on can not access anywhere!!!

  • Laksh
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    Hello Everyone,


    We would like to know what location are you trying to connect which causes the slowness.

  • MrC
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    it does not matter what location is selected. I am based in UK and normally select London but it does not work with any location that I select.

    It is not so much a problem with a slow connection. With Freedome switched on there appears to be no internet connection. I went on holiday on 10th March and Freedome was working fine on my PC.  I returned on 14 March and Freedome was not working at all so at some point between 10-14 March there has been a change to something which is now preventing internet connection.


    I notice that there are now several threads in the forum complaining of the same issue and they seem to imply that Freedome is not working since a recent Windows 10 update.


    I also notice that there was a query if Kaspersky Total Security was running. I do have Kaspersky Total Security 2017 on my PC and Freedome has previously worked with this in place. Note that I do not use the Kaspersky Secure Connection.


    I hope this helps

  • revolver
    revolver Posts: 3

    does not matter which location I use. After the last windows update, unfortunately the app is useless.
    Normally I use, Denmark,Germany,Belgium, Mexico. But now, I cant.
    And at the same time, it is working perfectly in my android mobile phone.(same countries)

  • Update...All locations appear to be impacted. I have had some intermittent connections but with Freedome on it takes 30 seconds or more to connect to a search engine (or other) site. Most sites usually time out and I am only actually getting a connection 1 out 20-30 tries. If I do get to the search engine it will often time out trying to get search results or link to other sites. Switching the Kaspersky firewall on or off makes no difference.

    Did Microsoft do a Hotfix for Cisco VPN's on Friday? Do we know if they are looking at other Hotfixes?

  • MrC
    MrC Posts: 4


    I have managed to fix my issue which is caused by a bug introduced by a recent update (Patch D) to Kaspersky 2017.  The bug basically breaks VPN connections and Kaspersky are still investigating the cause.


    Read this thread.


    The fix is to uninstall Kaspersky 2017 and then install the 2016 package and perform the database updates.  The 2016 package works fine with VPN.  There is a link to the 2016 install package in rangisano's post on page 3 of the thread.  


    Hope this helps for those of you running Kaspersky Security software and having issues with VPN.

  • Yeah most of VPN services make internet speed slow. But there are some paid services that don’t have any impact on speed so you can enjoy surfing your favorite sites without any issue. HMA is the best windows vpn that I have ever used.

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