Feature request for FS protection on Android




Here are some features that I would hope to see on FS protection on Andoird (Some of them are already available on some other AV vendors apps):

- Vulnerability scanner / inform me if my device doesn't have latest Android security patch installed

- Option to have fs-symbol on the status bar (to know that AV is running on the background)

- Warn if the device hasn't been scanned for X amount of time 

- Scan log 

- Scan SMS-messages for links to malicious sites

- Easier way to update database (atleast for me it took time to get that those can be manually updated by dragging down the main page) + It would be nice to see some data of the database update (when was it created etc)

- The interface of the current mobile product is awful and has some minor glicthes (for example the hamburger menu goes partly outside screen on the top left corner and the about page - It has a weird white bar on the bottom of it. Also the sidebar is offside.). All in all the UI looks like it was made as a medicore school project...

Some settings are not explained and the customer might end up having no idea what they mean (for example bootup scan what does it do and why is it off?? (sorry if the translation to english is a bit of,f my FS protection is in another language, but the settings is something like bootup scan, can be found under virus protection -> settings). Also the settings are spread around rather that having all of them under settings area (for example virus protection settings are not available from settings but virus protection -> settings).

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