Is my FS protection running correctly on background?



I'm running FS protection on my LG G5 (Android 7.0), and I was wondering is my FS protection running correctly. If I go to settings and check battery usage it shows that FS protection hasn't used battery at all. Shouldn't there show up some battery usage? 

Downloads seem to be scanned normally (the "this app is safe" -pops up on downloads) but am I protected from threaths that are not downloaded apps (exploits on  browser, pdf reader etc.)?


  • yeoldfart
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    Hello simply use ctrl alt del and check running services

  • Meemeimei1
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    As mentioned on the original post this is on Android so there is no obviously no task manager

  • Meemeimei1
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    * So there obviously is no task manager
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    You have two questions.

    My answer concerning battery. Is the phones battery the best way to control? There is statistic information about fs protection. 

    go to

    Fs protection 

    Antivirus: is going on and the last checktime

    Statistics: daily checked programs and pages




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