Password sharing via KEY

Gerka Posts: 8 Explorer

I would like to be able to share some passwords with other users, be it family, teammates etc. Password sharing could work for a single password, but also in groups (if you ever add this feature to group passwords).


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply (I'm also only F-Secure user).


    Just interesting to discuss -> but how it should be designed?!


    With meanings like:

    -- choose certain password and create mail-letter with this password (?!);


    -- OR with other Key users (?!) by some channels of sync?

    Like installation will be with your own entries and also with some entries which will be synced between different users (?!).



  • placidflop
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    Yes definitely !

    Sharing defined passwords or password groups with other KEY users is a must to me.

    I strongly hope that F Secure R&D will provide an answer on this need