Cannot connect to internet with Freedome on

I have the exact same problem. Cant connect to the internet with freedome on my pc, but on my phone it works without problems. I have tried all the solutions listed here but still it doesnt work. When i check the network settings for freedome it seems the problem lies with ipv6 but i dont know how to solve it?


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    Hi @Garibaldi,


    I have moved your post as a separate one. May I know what's the OS of your device? Are you able to connect to any location atleast?

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    Hi Garibaldi,


    Could you confirm if there is Kaspersky Secure connection or Kaspersky Internet Security running on your PC's along with Freedome?

    Also, is there any pending Windows Updates on the PC? Could you try to update any pending Windows Updates and recheck the connection?

  • Dont know what happened but suddenly it started working! Thank youSmiley Happy

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    Thanks for keeping us posted, @Garibaldi. Just to know more information on this, was there any Windows Updates installed yesterday? If not, glad to know that Freedome is back to normal.

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