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I've seen many posts on this forum regarding this, but they date back years so I thought I would ask.  I signed up for SAFE but when I use my login credentials to start Freedome VPN, it'll tell me I don't have available licenses to use.  I do in fact have SAFE licenses available, but does that mean that SAFE does NOT include Freedome?  That would be a shame considering I used both during the trial period...


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    Hi @hilander209


    Thank you for being interested in using Freedome VPN.


    Freedome and Safe is in fact two different programs, so if you have a license left for Safe, then it doesn't mean that you can use it for Freedome.

    If you wish to use both products but only have one subscription, I can recommend you to have a look at our latest product F-Secure Total, which is a bundle of Safe and Freedome.


    If you have any specific questions about your personal license, you can contact our support, and they will be happy to help you, if you already have a Total subscription, but are not able to use the licenses.

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