Allow individual apps to bypass the VPN

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I want to allow individual applications to bypass the VPN. To give an example: Netflix does not work with VPN. In that case I would want to allow a web browser to use my normal IP to watch netflix but still have the VPN connected for everything else.


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    Hello Knet,


    I forwarded your request internally.

    We have seen this request a few times but it is not yet in the future plans. It is very difficult to implement as we are working on the network level and not application by application.



  • knet
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    Hi Ben,


    Thanks for your response. I am certain I saw this working on my Android tablet, when I used a trial version of Freedome. I was thus under the impression that it was also working on other platforms.


    All the best, K

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    I'd certainly like to select apps and websites to bypass the VPN, typically those already encrypted, and high volume or sensitive to latency. In my case I'm looking for the most direct route for remote backups (CrashPlan). No need to double-encrypt and backhaul 2000 miles to get 20 miles away. I use "backup to a friend", which is bi-directional. The same principle applies (outbound only) to CrashPlan's cloud. This would reduce Freedome's VPN server load and bandwidth, too.


    When roaming using my phone's hotspot, I use TripMode ($8 app, free trial, to block apps like CrashPlan from using my cellular data plan. Once configured, TripMode sees the cellular data connection and just blocks apps not approved. A similar function would work for Freedome. Best of all would be a combined function that blocks, sends direct, or sends via VPN depending on the LAN/WLAN currently connected.



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