Not able to install F-Secure



I am trying to instal Safe Antivirus in my desktop but getting an error as per the attached screen shot. Don't know how to solve.  Can you help on this.



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    Sorry for my reply.


    If there missing previous (or current-time) another security software.


    Maybe can be helpful try with F-Secure Uninstall Tool.



    --> THIS TOOL able to uninstall (potentially) other F-Secure software too.

    So if you have installed something as their VPN (Freedome) or Password manager (F-Secure Key) - potentially it can be removed by this tool too. And maybe before this step - you have to be sure about backup for information (as for passwords/subscription-credentials).


    MAYBE (your screenshot looks like branding for F-Secure) provider also have  option about their "uninstall tool".


    Usually this kind of trouble can be about situation, when some of installation-files/resources get stuck.


    If this suggestion not an option and will be not helpful - maybe there can be another suggestions.



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