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Is there any special procedure when installing Freedome on the second and third computer? I recieved a mail telling how to ACTIVATE my subscription, but nothing on how to install?

Another thing that annoys me: How do I install the app on my Android device. I ended up in a screen asking for my mail and password. I haven't created any password..


I have also a F-Secure Safe sub for five units. This is a little bit easier since I can login and look att the subscription status. Freedome has nothing. The only thing I know is that I have alicense for five units. That's it.


**bleep** it. Way to complicated. I think seriously this was my last purchase from F-Secure..




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    Hi RogerW,


    You need to install Freedome on your second and subsequent devices just like you installed it the first time. You can refer to our articles here depening on the OS on how to install Freedome in the devices.


    Sorry to hear about your trouble with the Freedome installation. You can always refer to our Freedome KB articles if you have any questions.


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