Bug? Online Safety - nr. of visited websites

I'm using Chrome so that might have something to do with it...


When I go to Online Safety and click on Statistics it'll tell me how many websites have been visited. It doesn't seem to be correct. 

For example, it went from 204 to 232 by just visiting www.nu.nl (Dutch website).   


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    nu.nl connects to quite many sites and all ads ar a site of their own as well as different NU.NL server (media, www,..). But I can not confirm the number as in my environment Webfilter does not work at all because it (still) does not filter traffic that goes across a http-proxy.




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    I can only imagine how the statistic would freak out my 70 year old neighbour if he would use F-Secure. He'd see that he has visited hundreds of websites when he only goes to a few each day.


    He'd then assume that he has a virus or a hacker (all problems come down to these 2 things according to him, and many other people) so he would scan his pc, using F-Secure. He probably wouldn't find any virus (since he only goes to a few safe websites and never downloads) and would then assume that F-Secure is a bad product since he believes the "false" number is caused by a virus and wouldn't know that the number counts every server/frame/pageload.

    In the end he would probably go back to the shop and try to get a refund and in the same time tell other people from his "old-people-that-use-computers club" to not use F-Secure because he had a virus (which he assumed he had because of the high number of visited websites) and the software didn't find it.


    I know this all might sound far fetched but believe me, he has been my neighbour for nearly 10 years, I know about all his pc related problems and how he sometimes deals with them... I also believe he's a great example of how people who aren't as confident with pc's as many younger people are.

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    Well I assume that neighbor is a happy man because he knows YOU Smiley Very Happy

    After a few days you can no longer track the number of sites visited and if you visit the same pages every week the number should get constant.

    There is no technical alternative. Either list all sites that are accessed by the browser or only those that are entered in the URL-field. But be sure that the second will raise more concerns about re-linked pages that FS does not protect from.

    Please continue to explain others that the internet is a NET and the common name "World Wide WEB" is really what it means, esp. when we speak about Web2.0


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