Why registering a Total Security bought through a retailer is so difficult?


Since 2 days, I've been trying to figure out how I might use my recently bought licenses...


I received the registration link from the retailer, clicked on it, used my existing f-secure account (however it was not a renewal). No licenses added, just the usual message asking if I wanted to renew my old Safe trial.


I then went to support website, nice article telling that you should open a new account using a new email (?). So did I. Now I got no licenses added but a new SAFE trial on my new account.


I also noticed that language on the my.f-secure.com portal did change for switzerland I got italian (interesting) and sometimes also german...


No big deal I thought, I will chat with the support. I tried using safari (current version), chat button never worked. I then changed my browser (also tried from my PC), several times at different times: "Sorry chat is not available" (office hours)

I found no email addresses so I decided to call my local support number. Message on the phone: "Sorry this number is not used anymore".


My questions now:

- How deep is f-secure trouble? I had an excellent feeling about you Company (Thanks Mikko)

- Is there any change that I might use my software?

- Should I travel to Finland to get it activated?




A deeply concerned and deceived customer...


  • asdhoncs
    asdhoncs Posts: 3 Observer

    Thank You for your suggestions.


    Basically your 2 links where my first tries, with no more success. Anyway, I will try again...


    I will need attention of f-secure support anyway: I'm not willing to keep multiple active account...


    Thanks again.


    I'll keep you updated

  • asdhoncs
    asdhoncs Posts: 3 Observer


    I finally went through the registration process!!

    I had to choose a different browser (chrome), flush all cache. and try again with a new email.

    I used your second link.


    Next challenge will be to keep in touch with support to get 2 previous accounts deleted...


    I'll tick your answer as solution as soon as it's definetly solved.


    Thanks for helping.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi  @asdhoncs


    I am happy to hear you managed to register your purchase, I'm sorry you had such difficulties with it.

    It does sound like there has been some data saved in your browser from the previous accounts, which might have been the reason for this.

    Can you confirm if you have already contacted support? Otherwise I will be happy to move this to our support, so we can help you remove the 2 other accounts, and also clear up anything errors there might be on our support contact pages.

  • asdhoncs1
    asdhoncs1 Posts: 1 New Member

    As stated previsouly, I was unabale to reach customer support: So, Yes indeed I would really enjoy that you transfer my request to the support in order to get the needed account cleanup...



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