How to disable "URL Blocker" of Browsing Protection? I am worring rating of false positives by F-sec


Hello, thanks for your reading here. I want to ask you about method to disable URL filtering feature of Browsing Protection by F-secure SAFE.


I was using F-secure SAFE until 2 weeks ago, and it sounds good as a home security solution.

But I realized about too many false positive ratings by "URL blocker" feature of "Browsing Protection" by F-secure SAFE.


Even I was using browser for accessing normal web sites, it was many blocking logs as "Dangerous URL" by Borwsing Protection.


Many web sites which were blocked by F-secure are judged as safe website by other security software (e.g. Avast Free, Avira...) , so I tried access again after unchecking the box of "Block suspicious web sites", but there are many logs of blocking URLs at event viewer of F-secure.


I was not able to stop URL blocker completely.

I don't want to enable URL Blocking feature if there are many false positive ratings.


I want to know about how to turn off URL blocker by Browsing Protection.

I want to use "Browsing Protection" feature without URL filters by F-secure. I want to only malware blocking feature by Browsing Protection( Of cause, I was introduced F-secure's Extension to my Browsers).


Please tell me about above question.

Thank you very much.



F-secure SAFE Latest Edition (and Updated completely)

Windows10 Home, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox


  • Simon
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    I've been using Browsing Protection for years and could probably count the number of sites it's blocked on one hand.  Unless you have a habit of visiting dubious websites, I'm wondering if perhaps something else may be going on, and maybe your browser has been hijacked or otherwise compromised?  Have you done a full virus scan recently?  I would also recommend a scan with, as that may find stuff like Adware and PUPs which F-Secure may not pick up.  

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.


    // Just as additional to previous reply with maybe reasonable ask too. //


    --> ""I want to only malware blocking feature by Browsing Protection""


    What do you mean? How I can to understand Browsing Protection work with next meanings:


    If URL (it can be direct URL for the malicious files) marked as "harmful" (under F-Secure Security Cloud) it will be blocked as harmful-rated page (not a malware in fact, but access to this URL).


    If URL marked as "suspicious" (under F-Secure Security cloud) it will be blocked as suspicious-rated page (if this option checked);


    How I can to understand - you have experience with "disable/uncheck" option about "blocking suspicious rated pages".

    If you want do not block harmful-rated pages - you have to turn off Browsing Protection feature.

    This one:


    Right-top side of this tab and switch from "On" to "Off".

    Probably as result will be also disabled "rating pictures under the search results with Google/Bing/Yahoo".




    But  I can to think that can be helpful next steps (than just disable blocking harmful/suspicious rated pages):


    --> With each page - you able to allow this website. Maybe this is not friendly, but enough  - if you sure that pages are safe and you want to use page.


    --> If you sure that this is f/p - can be helpful transfer URL to the F-Secure SAS:

    (it possible transfer text-file with many URLs)


    For re-rate from harmful-rating to safe-rating.


    This step will be helpful for all F-Secure users.




    I not really often met harmful/suspicious-rated pages about certainly safe-pages.

    But I have experience about harmful-rating for .js-files, .scripts, .fonts, widgets and other resources.


    Which marked as malicious. And usually this is tracking, advertisements and related scripts/things (time to time from "not popular" sources).

    Usually this resources do not trigger block access to the website, but notification list have a lot of notifications about block-action.



    And also I have experience about wrong-category Content blocker feature.

    My steps about this - allow website or transfer to F-Secure SAS.

    But this is usually not listed under the notification-event-list. So your experience certainly about harmful pages.

  • yagisan_post
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    @Simon @Ukko

    Hello all. Thank you very much for your quick replies. I read all messages from you.

    First, I'm sorry about shortage of my question. It was not enough for answer.


    I was using F-secure SAFE on my PC (Windows10 Home).


    I had trouble about false rating "Browsing Protection".
    Why I can decide the cause of these ratings as"false ratings",
    because of many logs, which were logged when I access only famous websites.

    And, other anti-malware solutions are not detecting any threats at these sites.


    For example, When I was accessing to Nikkei's Official News-site (URL: ), which is I often access, event viewer was logging some logs of blocking URL.

    That URL's domain was related to nikkei company.


    I had also another case. In last year, when I searched about smartphones on Google, and I find a page of the IT company.
    That company is one of the very famous IT-communication company in Japan, but blocking notification page was showing on browser. Then I send a request to F-secure as false positive.


    As saying by @Simon, I guessed that my PC was infected some malwares at first. But any malwares were not detected.
    And as saying by @Ukko, then I thought that I send requests to F-secure Labs if I will be shown "Blocked by F-secure" at safe website which the safety is sure. But it is very tired working for a user.


    Now, above false positive ratings are resolved.

    But, first of all, I am worrying if important connections are failed by bloking of false positive ratings.

    So I want to turn off F-secure's URL blocking system.

    If F-secure's URL blocker is using only URL-lists as judgement data, my question will be resolve easily.

    But I can not get turn off URL blocker completely. So I posted this question here.

    Or it was just only I forgot turn off unchecked some check-box of URL-blocker...?


    My English is not good, I am thinking it. If you want to know more infomation, pelase tell me.

    Thank you very much.

  • yagisan_post
    yagisan_post Posts: 11 New Member
    Additional message:
    I want to disable only "URL blocker" by f-secure's browsing protection.
    I think that I will continue to using Browser Protection, if I can disable only URL blocker.
    Thank you.
  • yagisan_post
    yagisan_post Posts: 11 New Member

    Thank you very much for your opinion, and I'm sorry for my too late reply.

    After reading your opinion, I sent a message about this problem to F-Secure Support.


    I have just posted a thread about this problem including a update of solve method which was sent from F-secure Support.

    If you take a time to solve this problem, I would like you to visit this thread.


    Thank you very much.

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