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Here is my problem,

My license is for 3 pc's

I received a pop up from FSIS 2012:”your computer is not protected,firewall malfuction.Please restart the computer”.I did it and seems to be ok,but after 5 minutes received again the same message.I decided to uninstall the product(I used FS removal tool)and to re-install,to solve the problem.But,when I tried to re-install,the product refused,because(as it warned me)all my subscribtions are in use!!!

I wrote down to support team and explain my problem.But until now,nobody answers...so,I am now without FSIS on one of my computers and I have had to download Kaspersky's trial,to not stay unprotected on the web...and it's ok with me,I am not a newbie and I know what to do,to protect my computer,but what about people who do not have basic knowleages?Should be unprotectable,till someone from support answers them?

Sad to say,but F-Secure's support is pathetic...

My request number:

Number: 1-496963972

Created: 2012-02-23 10:59:54 AM


  • nayan007
    nayan007 Posts: 41 Observer

    Hi, Please use this link to contact the F-Secure support. I will suggest you to please call them and tell them the request number,so that you will know about it's progress. :- http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/support/contact

  • makis
    makis Posts: 12 Observer

    Hi nayan007,thanks for reply.I have use exactly this link,to contact support.Sorry,but I can't see why have to be charged to call them...isn't support's obligation to answer the request of a client?

  • Hugo
    Hugo Posts: 7

    curious! I have the same problem and I decided anything yet ...

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Makis,


    Please contact our support through the following page:

    http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/support/contact  ,

    you can always use our chat or send us an email if you are reluctant to use the phone.


  • makis
    makis Posts: 12 Observer

    Hello Ben,

    thank you for reply.I used the link that you suggest me yesterday,to send again a request for help.Until now ,nobody answers me

  • makis
    makis Posts: 12 Observer

    At last,problem solved today.Everything seem to be fine now,exept this:when I am logging in to "my F-Secure" account,I read that I have 2/3 licenses in use.Whith right click to F-Secure icon-view my subscriptions-I read this:FSIS 2012, 2/5 subscriptions in use!!!The truth is that I have a license for 3 computers and all of them are in use,now.

    Also,I have to say a few things:It's not only to build a good product...it's also very important the ''aftersales".For a customer this matters...It is unexeptable to leave a client over a week,without help.F-Secure has to do a lot,to improve this...

    My 2 cents 

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