FS Protection PC Release 185

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This release contains following applications that combined make the FS Protection PC product:

  • Common Component Framework 2.85.224
  • Antivirus 14.185.100
  • Browsing protection 2.185.5211

Fixed issues:


  • Upgrade does not start in rare scenario (CTS-98872)


  • Events list has wrong description in case user skipped cleaning in manual scan (CTS-98376)
  • Scheduled scanning status (days since last scan) not updated in Main GUI (CTS-98612, SAFE_BUG-01487)
  • Cosmetic issues in "allow riskware" confirmation message fixed (CTS-98744)
  • Multiple cosmetic and behavioral consistency issues in "App and file control" UI (CTS-98754, CTS-98759, CTS-98792, CTS-98801, CTS-98825, CTS-98851)
  • Obsolete and non-functional executable fsav.exe removed (clean installations only, CTS-98789)
  • Obsolete components with incorrect version numbers removed from "About" UI (CTS-98836)
  • Uninstallation sometimes crashing fshoster32.exe/Antivirus.dll (CTS-98855)
  • Manual adding of file or folder for exclusion defaulting to C:\Windows\system32 folder (CTS-98877)
  • Antivirus asks for reboot (CTS-98896, CTS-98897)

Browsing Protection

  • Block actions do not appear in event timeline (CTS-98883, SAFE_BUG-01560)

  • Time Lock's "add more time" button missing User Account Control (CTS-98868)

  • Logic for handling Unrated Content updated (CTS-98617)

  • When Unrated Content category is checked, other blocked categories not show in rating or Block Page (CTS-98895)


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    Thanks for the release.


    Pretty brief installed (processed) after the downloading updates and restarting FS Protection.

    Probably "upgrade-process from previous TP build to fresh TP" just take around five minutes.


    Much speedy, than before. But maybe previously there was just also "re-pack" the databases (and main modules was also brief-step). :)

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for ask.



    [[ Logic for handling Unrated Content updated (CTS-98617) ]]



    But what certain changes with "unknown-content" (except another string from release-notes) category?


    At least - I have next situation:


    --> Before current fresh TP (or around this days) I transferred some unrated URLs to F-Secure SAS.

    --> Pages rated as safe.


    On current day - some of them (and with FS Protection installation) will be blocked as unknown-content (content blocker with checked option). Tips to clear orsp-cache maybe not totally valid (at least - I can to found already just orspdiag64, which work for clear-cache - but situation not changed).


    So - I able to see that F-Secure Search, other devices and stable F-Secure SAFE mark this pages as safe-rated. And I able to open pages.

    But with my try to access for this pages (with FS Protection) prevented by blocking them as unknown-content (unrated page).



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