My licenses are gone and tech support is unable to solve the issue




I have bought F-secure SAFE licenses last year and they expire the next 28th March 2017 unfortuantely the licenses are gone from my account and right now I cannot use what I paid for.


After having a frustating session with tech support I asked the issue to be escalated but received this ridiculous answer:




So how I can get someone from F-Secure capable of solving this account issue? Or should I just consider the last month if paid subscription lost and start looking at concurrent products?
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  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    I think you will need to persue this through the support channel you have already started.  We can't really help with account related issues on the forum, for privacy and security reasons.


    To be fair to F-Secure, according to your transcript of your conversation with the support technician, he has offered you an extension on your current license, should it be required while the issue is sorted.


    May I ask how you came to realise that there is a problem with your subscription?  If the licenses are valid until the end of next month, I'm curious as to what may have happened to alert you to the current issue.  Has your SAFE installation stopped working?

  • Tapsucca
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    Hi @marcoamribeiro and thank you for your message.


    Please continue solving this case directly with our phone- or chat-support.


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