Can't read the software screen when using Freedome with Windows10(on Macs with installation apple/wi

robertt500 Posts: 1 New Member

I am using freedome on two mac's with a seperate windows 10i installation. On the windows10 installation  I can't read the software screen..I only see a fe w, strange letters , the software is working but I can't do anything witht the freedome software..because I can't simply read the screen of the software. I don't have the problem with MAC part on my macs. There I can read the software normal. Anyone who has the same problem? Or how to solve this issues?


  • Tapsucca
    Tapsucca Posts: 499 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @robertt500 and thank you for your message.


    It would be nice if you can share a screenshot of that view which you are having on the Windows part?


    What version of Freedome you are using?


    What kind of Mac you are having?





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