Paid for two devices and you have confirmed only one

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Yesterday 24/2 i paid 27,45 euro to cover security for my pc and my mobile . however for py pc already done but for my mobile nothing yet . In my account appears that the cost 27,45 euro covers 2 devices but in my account appear for 2 pc and not 1 pc and 1 mobile. My pc is fixed but my mobile still requires to buy new protection. Does enybody can help me to correct this means instead 2 devices pc to have protection for my pc and my mobile ?


wait your reply soonest. Thanks for your kind support so far.

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  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,661 Superuser

    If I am understanding you correctly, you have two PCs licenced, and you want to move one license to your mobile.  You can do this by logging in to your SAFE Portal, then you can release the license on the second PC to use on your mobile. 


    As an example, in the screenshot below, I have an old phone still licensed, so I click on the device, then in the next screen, I can click to Release license.  The license should then be made free, and you can Add Device to install and license SAFE on your mobile.



  • lily3lily3 Posts: 19

    Mr Simon good day.


    Thank you for your message. Listen I am very dissapointed with this story and I did wrong to try to renew the licensies of this F SECURE protection. To tell you the story is very long however I renewed the licencies of my PC and because I paid for 2 devices now I still try to renew the licencies of my smartphone on which previoys F SECURE protection already expired. First in my F SECURE account were 2 devices PC and on the top appeared no other available licencies but now appears defferent . There is one available but i cannot tranfer this to my smartphone . On the other hand I have my smartphone with expired F SECURE licencies and when I am entering into my F SECURE account with the same personal details then I find there available licencies for the smartphone but I again cannot install or renew them. I realy have confuse with all these . Please assist.

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,661 Superuser

    I'm not sure that I can help any further.  What I've already said should work - you should be able to transfer a license from one device to another in your SAFE Portal, providing you have purchased enough licenses in the first place.


    I am a little confused - are you saying you have two PCs and a mobile phone, or one PC and one mobile?  Assuming you have purchased the correct number of licenses for the devices you have, then the only other suggestion I can think of is to uninstall SAFE from your phone, then re-install it to your phone through your SAFE portal, after you have released a license in the way I illustrated above.


    If you continue to have problems, then I suggest that you send in a Support Ticket, giving the purchase details of your license(s), and the support team will check the status of your account.  That's not something we can do on the forum, for privacy and security reasons.

  • lily3lily3 Posts: 19
    Mr Simon

    I have unistall the old F SECURE from my mobile and then I have install the available licensies for mobility and everything seems to run smoothly. After 3 days spend for looking this and that at last the key was to unistall the old program nad the to install it again. Anyhow thank you
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