F-Secure blocking Teamspeak and Skype?

Hello everyone,


I recently bought F-Secure FREEDOME. I was on Teamspeak with some friends when I activated Freedome. I got disconnected from both Teamspeak and Skype.

Is there a way to configure the VPN so I can authorize those software?


Thank you!


Gabriel Gauvin

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    Hi @ChewChew and thank you for your message.


    Skype and TeamSpeak should work without any issues while Freedome is turned on.


    It sounds like there might be some network setting issue which might be caused of the previous VPN-software that you have used.


    We need to collect some logs from your machine to investigate this propely and I will open a support ticket for you.

    Our support will contact you soon directly via email.


  • Hello again,


    Why am I connected by Wi-Fi on my router and not by Ethernet? My Ethernet seems to auto-disconnect by itself whenever I activate Freedome.

    Can someone explains, in technical terms, what is going on? I mean, I used hide.me VPNs and I never had problems. I simply needed to activate it and my IP address changed. Now, Teamspeak and Skype are blocked and my Ethernet is disconnected.

  • Hi,


    I tried to contact the support by chat but I can't reach them. It would be appreciated if I could have a quick answer...

    Thank you.

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