F-Secure Safe "Item not found" when directed to store


I have one free license for F-Secure SAFE. I'm trying to activate it on my new android phone. When I try to install it from the website, it redirects me to Play Store, but then the store says "Item not found". I can install SAFE from store manually but then I cannot activate my licsence. I have no idea where to find an activation code that the app requires to activate. Has any body else had this problem?


Thanks for help.


  • RJP
    RJP Posts: 3 New Member


    Many people have experienced this problem because the link is broken.

    I phoned Finnish F-Secure SAFE support in Helsinki yesterday and they did not

    seem to be aware that the link has been broken for a few days prior to my ringing them.

    This means that our licenses for our Android devices are running down,

    not just that customers are being inconvenienced.

    In my opinion, the F-Secure SAFE licensing system must be greatly improved.


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