Can't use email address for F-secure account, so can't use the software. How to solve this?


Just bougt software, but can't use it because by starting f-secure account it says email address is already in use. I have one account with another email adresss what starts when I login with the email address I used when I bougt the software. Maybe because my name is the same by both email addresses. I don't know.

What can I do  to use the software I bougt with the right email address? Thanks F-secure for this kind of installaltions. Unbelievalbe. I can login wiht old emal adress, but there I don;t see the sofware I bougt, becase of different email adress.


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    If you raise a Support Ticket, giving your purchase and email account details, I'm sure they will be able help.  We can't do anything on the forum, for privacy and security reasons.

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    Sorry for my ask.


    But which certain trouble there?


    -> You have subscription-license (like "Secret-Words-Numbers"), which you did by some of steps.

    -> You have My F-Secure account with your "main" mail-address, where you do not use any subscription.


    If it like that... does there available next options:


    --> When you log-in to your My F-Secure account (with your main mail-address) - can be there any tabs/options about "Add subscription" (maybe under the tab "Orders/Payments);


    --> If first point not work. What will be if you create fresh account (with other mail-address or tricks) and with your fresh subscription?

    Because mainly you maybe just get subscription-license, but not "pinned" to any of mail-addresses yet?



    Or your situation means that you did RENEWAL? Or re-purchase subscription under the your account/main mail-address.

    If it like that - maybe can be helpful "first point".


    I have experience, when I just create account with mistake about my mail-address (and was not available to add license-subscription to my main account). So - I able to use my account, but mail-address wrong (I do not have this one). With setting - most likely - required support ticket. and most likely that with this situation it can be helpful. If your situation about this "trouble" - probably you have to use Support Channels indeed.


    Sorry for my reply.


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