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I bought the latest F-Secure Internet Security package in January, but my PC that I had it installed on has died. How can I retrieve the licence key? PS Since I've been using F-Secure happily since 1999, and this used to be available via an account page, I would be really upset if the only answer was to spend more money.


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    If you saved your Order Confirmation email from F-Secure, you will find the key there. You may need to access your email remotely from another PC. If not, I'm sure you can email F-Secure Support. Your name, address, and email should be enough fo them to give you your key. Their usually responds to emails within a couple of days. Keep in mind they are located in Finland, so they are 7 hours ahead of EST. There is also a chat option in their Support, as well as email.

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    Please check the email you receieved from F-secure you will find there,or else please contact the technical support team,they will assist you after your verifying your order

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