F Secure Freedome or Mobile Security?

I have the Freedome on my PC an i have 2 more licenses so that i can install it on my Android phone as well. Before doing so, which one of the Apps is the best to use on a mobile phone-Freedome or Mobile Security? Is the Freedome license valid for the Mobile Security as well? Does Mobile Security hides my real ip adress and encrypts the traffic?  Most important of all,If i install Freedome on my android and wants to install an antivirus/security app from another company like Malwarebytes mobile or AVG AntiVirus mobile, can those apps cause any conflict with Freedome?


  • I forgot to write in earlier post.  Does Freedome encrypts the traffic and hide the real ip address at all time while using it on my Android phone both when using WI-FI and not using WI-FI?

  • Thanks for explaining a little further. I now have installed the  Freedome app on my Android phone and it works perfectly so far. I also downloaded the AVG app, and both apps works perfectly together without conflict.

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