Website and new android installation tell me subscription has expired, but showing as active on wind

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Hi I purchased FREEDOME 12 month 3 device subscription directly from the F-Secure site after a trial period and installed on two android and one windows device.


It is working and reports 'ACTIVE valid until 20 Oct 17' on Windows laptop and android phone.


However, when I log into my account with same the login details as both devices, at it reports 'Your trial period has expired'  and shows only '
F-Secure SAFE Expired 14/11/2016 3 devices Manual renewal'' under Orders and Payments, with no listing of my FREEDOME licence, active or expired.


When I install on additional devices and log in it also says 'Subcription has expired'. 


My Reference Number is xxxxxx and I purchased on 19 Oct 16. 


If I just activate on the new device via the voucher code it works fine but I want to associate it with my account on the same email address. How do i do this please - How can I get my account to recognise the valid subscription for FREEDOME?


Thank you


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    Hi Ln4,


    Freedome license code and SAFE account are different and they are not associated with the same SAFE account. If you have activated your Freedome product via the code and if they show the correct expiry date, it is good to go. Your Freedome code cannot be added in your SAFE account. The account you are logging in and seeing the expiry details is the SAFE account.


    If you would like to have both Freedome and SAFE together, you can check for Total. With Total, you get 2 products - Freedome and SAFE together. Please read more about Total in our KB articles here.

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