Plex Remote Access and Freedome

aM0nk3yBoy Posts: 18 New Member

Hi Guys,


I've run outta research and need help, I'm trying to get Plex Remote access working...


Articles like these on the Plex Forum have been helpful... i got to enable split tunneling in whatever VPN client you are using. (they might call it something else, and you may have to google it)..

article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4


Found these on this forum... Tunnelling options available now?


Getting this working is the only reason I would sign up for a paid plex account, without this Plex is useless outside my home network....


Any help is greatly appreciated :)






  • Laksh
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    Hi aM0nk3yBoy,


    I will check on this with the Product team and update you once I have a reply.

  • aM0nk3yBoy
    aM0nk3yBoy Posts: 18 New Member
    Hi Laksh,

    Many thanks for your prompt reply, I really appreciate any effort you put into helping me :)

    Being able to choose which software uses the VPN is kinda a priority and should be on the road map for Freedome, I love the simplicity but am always frustrated by the lack of reconfigurability.

    Many Thanks
  • aM0nk3yBoy
    aM0nk3yBoy Posts: 18 New Member

    Hi Tapusucca,


    Many Thanks for taking the time to look into this for me Heart


    "So the thing is that you are trying to access remotely a computer which has Freedome turned on?

    That doesn’t work when Freedome is on. It is by design for security reasons."


    Yes that's kinda it, I have Plex installed in my Home Media Server and Freedome installed. Plex doesn't like going down the VPN... so I am unable to "Remote Access" Plex from the internet on any of my multiple OS devices. I cannot install Freedome on  a router and  Traffic Splitting isn't an option within Freedome...


    I don't see a quick fix for this issue and can get exactly what I want with another provider...


    I fully appreciate what the Development lifecycle is for software as an IT Professional with 20+ years experience... I went with Freedome because of the discounted price :) 


    I have issues with both Freedome and Safe (The lack of a Windows phone client for Freedome etc..) and will be taking my cash elsewhere when my current Licensing expires...


    Many Thanks 





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