Plex Remote Access and Freedome

Hi Guys,


I've run outta research and need help, I'm trying to get Plex Remote access working...


Articles like these on the Plex Forum have been helpful... i got to enable split tunneling in whatever VPN client you are using. (they might call it something else, and you may have to google it)..

article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4


Found these on this forum... Tunnelling options available now?


Getting this working is the only reason I would sign up for a paid plex account, without this Plex is useless outside my home network....


Any help is greatly appreciated :)






  • Laksh
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    Hi aM0nk3yBoy,


    I will check on this with the Product team and update you once I have a reply.

  • Hi Laksh,

    Many thanks for your prompt reply, I really appreciate any effort you put into helping me :)

    Being able to choose which software uses the VPN is kinda a priority and should be on the road map for Freedome, I love the simplicity but am always frustrated by the lack of reconfigurability.

    Many Thanks
  • Hi Tapusucca,


    Many Thanks for taking the time to look into this for me Heart


    "So the thing is that you are trying to access remotely a computer which has Freedome turned on?

    That doesn’t work when Freedome is on. It is by design for security reasons."


    Yes that's kinda it, I have Plex installed in my Home Media Server and Freedome installed. Plex doesn't like going down the VPN... so I am unable to "Remote Access" Plex from the internet on any of my multiple OS devices. I cannot install Freedome on  a router and  Traffic Splitting isn't an option within Freedome...


    I don't see a quick fix for this issue and can get exactly what I want with another provider...


    I fully appreciate what the Development lifecycle is for software as an IT Professional with 20+ years experience... I went with Freedome because of the discounted price :) 


    I have issues with both Freedome and Safe (The lack of a Windows phone client for Freedome etc..) and will be taking my cash elsewhere when my current Licensing expires...


    Many Thanks 





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