Windows broke down after update, now Freedome is gone. What to do?

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Hello Freedome-Team,


i have had an activated, working freedome until about June 2018, now after an automatic update to Build 1607 of Windows 10, after which my PC didn't recover, everything had to erased due to reinstallation of the whole system.


Now obviously Freedome is gone. I rescued all files linked to Freedome through Ubuntu, at least the one's i could find. I do have the keys-folder from Program Data, which contains two key files dated June 2015, the original installation date. But this is all i have or can connect to the Freedome install i had. Sure i can send you the files. What to do?


PS.: At the moment i am forced (free offer) to use a Steganos Online Shield, but you and I know that's real crap, so please help! :-(


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    Hi SaveTheDay,


    Welcome to our Community!


    May I know how did you purchase the Freedome license? Was it purchased directly from F-Secure? If yes, please provide me the email address in private message which you used during purchase.

  • SaveTheDay
    SaveTheDay Posts: 2 New Member

    Well as I said, the only thing I can recall are the files from my hard drive, but arent they proof enough? Can I send them to you? I did not buy it from the official Store, that I am sure. It was some Promotion or somehow relatively cheap somewhere, I think. Sorry it's defenitely more than a year ago and I do a lot with Computers.

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    Hi and thank you for your message,


    Unfortunately we cant get the needed info from those files, so you would need to find your license key from your purchase documents.


    The only solution in this case is that you will contact directly to our phone- or chat-support and share them the receipt from your purchase. Then they would be able to give you a new license key.






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