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When installing and running Freedome on Windows (10) it creates another active network connection (FreedomeVNCConnection).

My Private network connection that was already established (to my router) remains active and with internet access as far as Windows is concerned (reported via Control Panel and icon in taskbar).

How do I know that all traffic is routed through the FreedomeVNCConnection that Freedome now has established (which I naturally deemed as a public network) ?


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    Hi MaxDe,


    When Freedome is turned on, the traffic goes via Freedome by creating a secure, encrypted connection. Do you see the 'Traffic protected' increase in Freedome? Have you turned Freedome ON and does it mention that you are now connected to the particular location?

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    Hi Laksh,


    sorry for the long delay in replying (to use an understatement!!).

    I see what you report, including increasing data count in Freedome. What I was somehow after was proof that the other/original connection is not leaking any programmed traffic, other than by counting/monitoring manually. I envisaged at first that the original connection would disappear/shut down, but I guess that is not to Window's liking as it shuts the lot if done manually!!


    Thanks anyway

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    Good to know the information was helpful. Thanks for getting back to us, MaxDe!

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