Changing the language


Is it possible to change the language the program is in? I installed it in Dutch but decided it will be easier if it is in English but can't find the option to change this.


Does this mean I'll just have to reinstall it?


  • MJ-perComp
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    reducing the used diskspace has a high priority, so the only during installtion the language can be selected and 99.99% of the users never chnage th language. You will need to reinstall.


    But why do you prefer English over Dutch? Is the translation that bad?




  • Niek
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    No problems at all with the Dutch translation but it can be difficult/confusing to find things or report a problem when my version is Dutch and you are using the English version...

  • benitez
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    Could there be some way to download the language files on demand?


    Like some other security products do, you can add languages on demand by downloading the language pack even after it's installed.

    After selecting the new language the application downloads the desired language files and applies them.

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    I have the same question, my Windows 7 has 3 languages Pack and 3 different users using English French and Chinese Simplified, but I just can't changing the language of F-Secure Internet Security 2011 in settings.

    And  F-Secure didn't write in Unicode, I have to change the language setting for non-Unicode programs and reboot and reinstall F-Secure only for switch to another language!

    I think the Avast! is much more convenient in this respect.

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