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Since a couple of days, videos in the iOS YouTube App (10.2.1) won't start when vpn is switched on. As soon I switch off vpn the video runs without a problem. The issue maintains with any chosen location. Also: safari does not show any signs of issues. Please help, thx


  • Laksh
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    Hi Hofres1,


    Does the Youtube videos play if you turn off Browsing protection and Tracking protection (with Freedome turned on) one by one?

  • my YouTube starts but any video will stop playing after a few moments. With Freedome off everything is fine.

  • Tapsucca
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    Hi @Julinde and thanks for the info.


    We will now try to re-produce the issue with our Freedome Team and I will get back to this as soon as I have more info.

  • Tapsucca
    Tapsucca Posts: 501 Former F-Secure Employee



    We were unable to re-produce the issue.


    Have you tried to re-install Youtube-app and Freedome?


  • Julinde
    Julinde Posts: 2

    Hi, since your last reply it worked fine again, without installing the apps again.

    BTW, when I changed the location from Germany to either Hong Kong or US West coast it also worked (when it didn't with the German location).

  • Hofres1
    Hofres1 Posts: 2

    Hi and sorry for my delayed reply. I don't know why but the problem solved itself. It works fine ever since. Anyhow, it seems that some locations are much more reliable than others. I use US Eastcost for 90% of the time. 10 % Vancouver. If I decide to change to Germany or Sweden for instance, the network will freeze after 10 or 15 minutes. Just to mention it. Thanks

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