Banking protection trigger happy in ULAV?


When I open in a web client an email from a bank, my insurance company and such like the banking protection fires.


I should say that is too trigger happy as I have not gone to the site, just opened the email with links to the site.


That were not a problem if I I had only one tab open and if the banking protection closed automatically. It does notclose automatically and I have usually some ten tabs open and none of them will update any more after that until I end banking protection.


  • martink
    martink Posts: 435 Influencer

    Have not seen that for a while.

    So I am wondering if that varies between versions, but with the GUI I don't see a placer where I could easily see the version and update time.


    A little while it was getting even worse:

    The banking protection fired already when my mouse howered over a link to a page where the banking protection COULD come on eg Gearbest, Minitinthebox and such like.

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