Password time-to-live notices

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My apologies if this has been discussed before.  I'm not sure whether this exists (or is on the roadmap), but it would be nice to have a feature in F-Secure KEY where I could set a time-to-live for each key (say 3 months).  Then those entries in KEY would be highlighted somehow for the keys which have "expired".  That would at least allow me to know which keys should be updated.  It would be even nicer if KEY would assist in the changing of those passwords.


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    Thanks for your inputs, @dlm! I have forwarded yours to the Key team.

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    Thanks.  I was hoping maybe there would be a convenient way to not only highlight when it was time to update the various passwords, but a means to easily change them.


    Some thoughts:

    1.  Right now, when I have KEY regenerate a random password, it resets to 12 characters with only lowercase and numerals.  It would be nice if it would default to the same length and sets of characters (lower, upper, numbers, and/or symbols) that was already used for that key.  That way a new password can be generated that should meet the website's length and character requirements.


    2. When changing a password on a website, I'd like to have KEY generate a tentative new key that can be pasted into the new password and confirmation boxes.  Only if that is successful would I want KEY to replace my previous key with the new one.  Currently it's a bit of a manual process with a few steps that would make changing many keys quite time consuming and potentially error prone.



    (I'm using KEY on Android 6.  Oh, and the issue concerning keys copied to the clipboard remaining in the clipboard stack after 2 minutes still exists)