Virtual location does not work


I tried to change my virtual location to the UK (I'm currently abroad), but I still can't access geographically restricted content - the site tells me it can only be accessed from the UK.


Since this is the main reason why I bought this software, I'm rather disappointed!


  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Lia,


    May I know which website were you trying to access?

  • LiaLia Posts: 2

    I was trying to access the BBC website.


    But anyway, I've since deinstalled the program, as it later crashed my PC! The software seems to be at a beta stage, not yet ready to use.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Lia,


    Sorry to hear about that. We have had related posts about BBC iplayer and Freedome here and here.


    If you would like to troubleshoot about your crash, please brief us so that we can help you further.


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