New ISTP (54) released with Windows 8 support



we just released the new ISTP54 with support for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview when it becomes available from Microsoft. No other builds of Windows 8 are supported at this time, and F-Secure will not provide any further information about Windows 8 at this point in time.


Other new features in this release are:

  • Added filtering logic to allow websites that is whitelisted by company called fragfinn. This feature can be enabled from Web Filter Wizard Allowed web sites page. Please refer to the "Fragfinn whitelisted URL" section for the list of URL can be tested with this feature.
  • Supports IE10
  • Supports Firefox 10 and 11 Beta



PS. You can get this build from through the normal ISTP program.


  • MJ-perComp
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    this system (W7-64 in VM) was rebooted now three times and always showed the below screenshot. Then suddenly it asked to reboot agian to finish an installation while it was running the whole night before the last reboot.


    Also Application Control complained about "F-Secure MSI-Helper" and "Setup Installer". Both should be whitelisted by default.


    I do not like the fact that AUA is not installing the updates automatically and stil requires several reboots!


    What is going wrong here?


  • Petri
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    without the logs, it is bit hard to say anything for sure. For some reason it has managed to run the Launch Pad self-upgrade (CCF Basic TP54 package), but failed to continue rest of the upgrades. One most likely reason is that some of the latebound (localizations, customizations, helps, settings, ...) installations failed, and therefore the upgrade was aborted. Depending on the error it is only retried after reboot or once every 6 hours. Most likely you can see the error in the logs\mysa\installer.log.


    Just as a sidenote, AUA is not handling the upgrades of the software, but it is merely used as download channel. So packages can stay there in that state for some time (we have plans to improve the AUA reporting for this, but don't know when we have the time to do it).



  • eethomas
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    I am using windows 7 with 8 can i not download the fsecure centurylink protection package? I have been singed up for the package paying for it for 4 or 5 months now and it gave me problems on my last comp thank god it had a warrenty,im not 100% sure it was the program that crashed my last laptop,but the files were stuck in prgram files even when it was uninstalled...the laptop kept shutting down for no reason and then finally its monitor went seemed to be centered around the fsecure program..wasnt even sure if i wanted to chance it again,but im paying for it every...why waste money?and they have a contract with what should i do,it seems it wont install with windows 8 anyhow?? why am i having so many problems with this program?

  • Ville
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    Hi eethomas,


    If you are using commercial version then you should contact support. This forum is for the beta users using Technology Preview version of the product. Commercial version does not support Windows 8 because Windows 8 is not released.





    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • Apollo_1
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    hello together,


    My Provider ( send me a cd which dosen´t support windows 8.

    And I pay /month for this Service (inkl. in my paket)


    So what is the time of the date you support windows 8, i´d like to know, because in this time there is no IS on my pc.

    And if i install another one i don´t need your software anymore. So I´ve to decide between waiting or install another one.

    To decide it´s interesting for me to know, when your software is comming out (beta).


    Thanks for Feedback - nice day


  • MJ-perComp
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    Hi Apollo,


    there will be no release that supports W8 until W8 is publically available. As all F-Secure products are somehow based on ISTP the best you can do is to use ISTP and give feedback on any problem you face.


    Microsoft has too often changed significant modules and interfaces in the last minute. So spawning the products must wait until the very last moment.


    I think it it a good avdise to use a pre-release security suite with a pre-release OS.





  • Janiashvili
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    ISTP(internet security technology preview), as user "MJ-perComp" told you, is pre-release version of Internet Security:
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