F-Secure is blocking our website



Why is F-secure blocking our website : aupit.com.au




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    Sorry for my reply.


    Most likely helpful step can be "to transfer URL to the F-Secure Labs for re-analysis/re-rate";

    It possible to do with next page:



    There you able check option "I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results", add trouble URL and choose related points (like "harmless page blocked f/p" -> "Browsing Protection") with provided description (about your ask); 


    With this steps (usually after three-five work-days; but this is based only on my experience) you will get response-result from Labs (with possibility to re-ask them - if there will be something to ask);




    But just about common ask "Why is F-Secure blocking some of websites" - it always interesting (for me to; I just F-Secure user); So, sorry for my suggestions (you able do not read this).



    I think that  usually situation can be based on point that website is malicious or suspicious.

    But if there is valid/good/safe-page marked as harmful (harmful-rating) - there maybe can be something like:


    --> some of reputation-sources (which F-Secure able to use as trusted ones) in somewhat reason get this rating/notification about domain, specific URL or certain URL under the domain (or IP);


    I think it can be based on some of potential points - if page was hacked; if someone was trying to exploiting website (like redirects from website; place malicious information under the website as publication) randomly; something else.


    With my experience about (f/p) I did not receive proper explanation about "why it was blocked or harmful-rated" (except one situation, where it was about service with option about file-sharing; which was exploited by malicious actions to share malicious files); 

    Will be good if you will receive proper response about reasons (or if there will be just enough re-rate website's rating);


    Sorry for my reply.



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