How do I see if a scheduled scanning is currently going on?

One of my biggest pet peeves related to antivirus programs is that they do not always tell me clearly what they are doing at the moment, it's especially annoying if they're taking a lot of resources. I find FS otherwise really good but I can't find a way to check if there is currently a scheduled scan going on. There's only a notification when the scan is about to start but during the scan there seems to be no indicator other than my CPU getting near  100% usage. Even the "recent events" screen doesn't show anything before the scan is finished. I can even start another scan at the same time as the scheduled scanning is still unfinished?!


Here's some suggestions to make it better:

1. When I open the default screen (e.g. by double clicking the tray icon), have a text on that screen saying that a scheduled scan is currently active.

2. In the recent events, have a text saying "Scheduled scan started" and give it a timestamp.

3. DON'T LET ME START ANOTHER SCAN SIMULTANEOUSLY and instead give me a message saying that the scheduled scan is already active.


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