Persistent renewal requests


I renewed my F-Secure subscription on 3 January 2017 for three computers and almost every day, I receive rnewal notices, now with imminent expiry,  on all three. I enter the key and the message tells me the subscrition is valid until 31 december 2017, then next day, another renewal notice. How can this be resolved?


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Have you checked in your SAFE Portal that the valid and correct subscription is displayed?


    Are these email notifications, or are you getting on-screen popups from within the program? 


    If on-screen popups, then it might be worth right clicking the system tray icon (by your clock), and select Check for Updates, as this should force a sync with the licensing server, and may stop the popups.


    If you're getting email notifications, or your SAFE Portal is not showing the correct subscription, then I can only suggest that you raise a Support Ticket and get them to check your account status.



  • KenAndrew
    KenAndrew Posts: 2 New Member

    These are pop-up notifications. Right-clicking the system tray icon does not give the option to Check for Updates.

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