F-Secure removed my manually edited hosts file, but cannot be restored from quarantine


After a restart I noticed many local websites not working anymore and soon found that my hosts file was emptied and looked like this:


# Copyright (c) 2007 F-Secure Corporation 
# This is a HOSTS file created during malware removal. 
# Your original HOSTS file was infected and it was replaced 
# by this file containing only clean default entries. 
# The original HOSTS file may be restored from the product's
# quarantine feature.
#	localhost
::1			localhost

The text suggests I can restore my original hosts file, but the list in quarantine (as seen from the F-Secure dialog screen) is empty. Is there any other way to restore my original hosts file? It had around 100 or  so custom entries and it looks like I have no backup copy anymore (stupid, I know, it's the result of a installing a new backup drive with a clean copy of my sys drive).


And more importantly: can I generally rely on F-Secure to create backups? And if they don't appear in the quarantine folder, where can I find them? I searched for a log file, but don't see any. I need to be able to trust this antivirus software to not ruin my system irrevocably.


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    Hi abelb,


    Kindly get in touch with our labs in order to recover the hosts file from the Quarantine folder. You can collect the files from the Quarantine folder as mentioned in this KB article and submit the file to our labs. Our malware analysts will check on your ticket and update you accordingly.

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