Phishing test not working.

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I can se that someone else before me has reportet this phishing test not working:


I have the same problem and if I use incognito feaure I can see it getting block but if I don't I see that it not working.

So this has not been solved.


Its a problem that you can't trust the app.

As you can see from this picture I'm connected but I can go straight to the page and keep refreshing it and it still does not detect it.

 Screenshoot from phone


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    So I found out that the chrome browser on android has an option to save data.
    And when this is turned on this protechtion does not work.
    If I turn it off it start to work again and the phishing gets detected.

    It will does not explain why it does not work.
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    Hi RTJ,


    After a quick check with the Freedome team, they mentioned that Chrome “Data Saver” mode compresses the page when it is accessed. When we scan it, we see just the compressed form as our product works on the network layer and not within the browser (i.e. we are not Chrome plugin), and we naturally then cannot block it. “Data Saver” mode works only in the normal mode, in the private/incognito mode it doesn’t work. It is also possible that Chrome caches the page when it first retrieves it and then it just shows the page from the cache on subsequent visits. Private/incognito mode doesn’t show pages from cache.

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