Is F-Secure SAFE able to keep security when I switch off add-on installed to Firefox?

I am having some questions about browser extension of f-secure SAFE.


I am a user of the latest version of Firefox.
I am satisfied with Firefox because it is fast and useful for me.


But now, after installed F-secure SAFE add-on to my firefox,
the browsing speed has been slowed by some problem.

I tried to "Reflesh" of Firefox feature and deleting Firefox's profile, also.

But I can not get speedy browsing.


When I switch off F-secure's add-on, the browsing is not slow,
so I guess that this problem is caused by F-secure's add-on.


I want to ask you about below points.


1: If I switch off F-secure's add-on on Firefox, what problems related to security will be happend?
2: Whant things is F-secure's add-on working?

3: Will F-Secure SAFE keep security in finally even if I switch off the add-on?


My PC is...

Microsoft Windows 10 Home

Firefox 51.0.1

F-secure SAFE 16.5


Thank you.


  • Ville
    Ville Posts: 659 F-Secure Employee

    Hi @yagisan_post


    The browser plugin is required to rate sites over HTTPS connections. If you disable the plugin, you will not get blocked from going to bad sites if they use HTTPS. You will also not see search result rating icons if you do the search over HTTPS. Everything else still works with the product.



    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • yagisan_post
    yagisan_post Posts: 11 New Member

    Hello @Ville.

    Thank you for your fast reply. I read it.

    I understood that F-secure's browser plugn is working for only rating websites on access by the browser from your reply.

    So I want to ask you about it.

    If users don't want to be showed blocking page to block access to bad-rate website and icons at search-engine results, do the users not have to swich-on browser plugin always?

    Is my understanding above right?
    If I don't have to swicth-on F-secure's browser plugin, I will switch off plugin for getting speedy browsing by Firefox.

    Of cause, I am understanding that  if browser plugin is not working, SSL connection through browsers are not scanned by "F-secure SAFE".

    But now, if it will not increase danger of malwares, exploits, and other threats even if SSL scanning by browser plugin is not working, I want to turn off the plugin.

    Excuse me for my too long sentence.

    Thank you very much.

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