Block adobe autoupdater


This topic will be about Adobe Auto updaters software.Since they have many produts linked to this kind of updaters software,and I have a Safe licence  I will post in this forum.


But however,what many people don´t even know is that many of Adobe´s software (such as a pdf-file)can be used as a troyan/randsomware.Not many are so aware of this risk,but now matter the facts. In my opinion and common sense is how can a premium software company protect/defend masked and potential security risks?? For me this have no common sense.


I´ve even tried to get rid of/stop this kind of software,but failed all the time. But what I know today is that one kind of updaters software is conected to Adobe Photoshop 9,and rest of them are linked to/or Adobe Flash player,Adobe DC reader. All of them are freeware that I´ve downloaded directly from adobes web.So what I´m up to is why don´t F-sercure do something about this?? Atleast I´ve got some sort of warning,but NO. But what´s more strange about this is that I´ve never agreed or wanted this kind of software. So it seems that whether or not this kind of software will be downloaded.It´s also strange that Adobe itself doesn´t have any avalabe support for their softwares,and defends old failures from unsuccesfull programers.

Those programs that I´ve located is: AdobeARM.exe, AdobeUpdater.exe,reader_sl.exe,AAMUpdaesNotifier.exe.

All of this programs gets me quite anoying,and cost more damage than it´s woth.

But however what many inexperienced users don´t know it that a update don´t solve many issues.It just overwrite an existing file.So the only way to solve an issue is to erase and buid up a new file/structure.

So what I´m in to is why don´t F-secure create a security warning for this kind of software?


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