Finder Detects SIM Change - what does that mean?


SAFE  installed on a  Samsung Note 4 in my possession - not lost or stolen.  I set up the trusted number and the Note 4 keeps texting out in sets of two texts in the same minute "Finder has detected SIM change".  I get the message every other day or so, sometimes several times a day.


Is the message supposed to mean that the entire SIM card was swapped out or that data on the SIM was changed?  I'm certain the actual SIM isn't being removed because the phone is in my hand when it happened.    What could be causing this message?  Thanks ...


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    Hi SafeOtter,


    If you are receiving the message in this Samsung Note 4 phone, it means that this number is kept as the trusted number in on a device in which SAFE is installed. Do you know on which device you have set it up as the trusted number?


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